Curriculum Vitae

Objective: Make the world better using software engineering

Areas of interest: language design, compilers, developer tools, functional programming, procedural generation, realtime graphics.


Since 2011 Google - Munich, Germany: Software engineer.
Working on bazel, Google open-source build system. Lead for its language and extensibility mechanism.
2010 - 2011 Microsoft Research - Cambridge, UK: Contractor.
Several contract positions, including Compiler Software Engineer for Cross-Platform F#. This work led to the open-source release of F#, Linux/Mac packages, better editors for F# on Unix. I have also made changes on the F# compiler to embed it in Silverlight, see
2009 MLstate - Paris, France: Research engineer.
Worked on OPA, MLstate's compiler for building dynamic websites (server & client). Worked on compiler frontend, language design, and in charge of the webserver, for both Linux and Windows.
2008 Microsoft Research - Cambridge, UK: Contractor.
Worked with the F# compiler team on performance testing and on the standard library.


Since 2010 With my demoscene group, Ctrl-Alt-Test, I've developped many realtime computer animations (using OpenGL and C++). We often focus on procudural generation and extreme size optimization, e.g. Felix's Workshop (in 64kb) and Immersion (in 64kb).
Since 2011 Shader Minifier, a tool to minify GLSL and HLSL shaders code.
2008 Emacs mode for F# (using Emacs Lisp), with Intellisense support. It is now maintained and developped by the open-source community.


2002-2007 Epita: 5 years degree in computer science (engineer's degree).

I receive many job offers. Sorry if I cannot reply to all of them.

Last update: July 2017