Demoscene work

In my spare time, I am active in demoscene. I founded the demogroup in 2009 with some friends. For up-to-date information, please have a look at the website Ctrl-Alt-Test. I am responsible for large parts of the code (almost 50% of the total). Most recent work can be found at the end of the page.


Our first demo was a 64kb intro. This meens: It is a 64kb program that generates and displays the animation. We use procedural generation to create the music, textures, animations, and scenes. Below is a video capture of the program. Download and comment on pouet.

With Incubation, we got both the best 64k intro and newcomer prices at Evoke demoparty. German website awarded this intro as the third best 64k intro and the best newcommer demo of year 2010.


Our second intro (about 38kb) was designed by Zavie. Most of the code is reused from our engine developed for Incubation. Download and comment on pouet.

Shader Minifier

Shader Minifier is an advanced tool I wrote to obfuscate and minify shader code (GLSL or HLSL). It is able to do complex code (tree-based) transformations and clever variable renaming in order to make the code more compression-friendly. It has been able to reduce the size of famous 4k intros (including Elevated), and is now used in several price-winning productions (e.g. Another Theory and White One). See the details of Shader Minifier.

Felix's Workshop

This is our latest work. It was even mentionned on Slashdot. Again, the full program is smaller than 64kB. Download and comment on pouet.